Cosmetic Physician

Dr. Tom Van Eijk

Dr. Tom van Eijk is one of Holland’s most famed cosmetic physicians. He has been dedicating his full attention to cosmetic injectables since 2003 and has pioneered several techniques that have revolutionized our modern approach to facial enhancement.

Meet The Master

“Rather than just ‘fill’ wrinkles, The Fern Pattern Technique™ uses dermal fillers to strategically strengthen and reinforce the skin to influence the dynamics of the face.”

A graduate of the University of Amsterdam, Dr. Tom van Eijk gained experience in Cardiothoracic and Plastic Surgery before dedicating his full attention to cosmetic injectables. In 2005, disappointed with the results of conventional injection techniques, Dr. van Eijk began to experiment with using dermal fillers to strategically strengthen the skin. He found that by placing small amounts of product in the dermis, he could reinforce the tissue and positively influence the dynamics of the face – a method that he coined the Fern Pattern Technique™. In 2007, Dr. van Eijk collaborated with his Canadian Colleague, Dr. Martin Braun, to write an article on this revolutionary concept in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. Since its publication, the Fern Pattern Technique™ has been widely adopted by aesthetic healthcare practitioners all over the world.

In addition to his clinical work, Dr. van Eijk is also an active researcher and educator. He has published numerous articles in prestigious medical journals, regularly presents at international conferences and teaches countless hands-on workshops through his own Tom van Eijk Academy. A true innovator, Dr. van Eijk continues to improve the aesthetic possibilities of injectables by developing novel techniques that challenge the status quo.

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