Aesthetic Doctor

Dr. Raj Acquilla

Dr. Raj Acquilla is a global lecturer and trainer for the world’s leading cosmetic pharmaceutical companies. With over 20 years of clinical experience and more than 80,000 procedures performed, he is an expert in patient assessment, facial contouring and feature enhancement. He is also actively involved in scientific research and the ongoing development of new innovative products.

Meet The Master

"True excellence rises from talent but more importantly is achieved through an uncompromising commitment to education and growing every day"

The creation of true beauty is both a science and an art, and Dr. Raj Acquilla has built his global reputation by getting to the heart of this truth. By combining the objective insights of a scientist with the deft touch of an artist, he has become known as one of the world’s leading practitioners in facial aesthetics.

Since graduating from Manchester University’s Medical School in 1999, Dr. Raj Acquilla has performed thousands of procedures, becoming a leading expert in medical aesthetics, facial contouring and non-surgical facelift.

He runs busy clinics in London and Chester, along with his own facial aesthetics academy where he is a masterclass trainer, delivering expert insights and the latest techniques to colleagues both in person and online. He makes regular appearances at congresses and conferences all over the world and is respected and admired not only for his ability to unlock his patients’ true beauty, but for his generosity in sharing his expertise with fellow professionals across the globe.

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