April 21 ā€” April 23, 2023

A Masterclass on Advanced Injection Therapy

Apr 21ā€”23 2023

Los Angeles, CA

This April, Swift Beauty returns to Los Angeles for our signature 3-day Masterclass. The comprehensive curriculum is the vision of Dr. Swift and will showcase techniques, tips and tricks to optimize patient experience and outcomes. The agenda will feature full face coverage for both neuromodulator and filler, while identifying S.A.F.E.R.™ zones and the rationale for treatment with cannulas, needles or both. The material presented is unencumbered by the restrictions of company compliance and will address treatment of all facial areas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Customizing the patient’s aesthetic journey from starting point to destination
  • Advances in the consultation process for optimizing patient experience and conversion rates to treatment.
  • Strategies to convert budget-minded patients to multi-syringe therapy patients
  • The Science of Beauty and The Ageing Curve
  • BeautiPHIcation™: Proportion and Harmony Through Injection
  • A comprehensive systematic approach to full face assessment and treatment with syringe therapy
  • Toxin and filler science and its relevance to economic use of product to optimize results
  • Reconstitution for economic and efficient use of product through an individualized approach
  • Detailed facial injection anatomy as it applies to topographical delineation of "S.A.F.E.R.™ injection zones
  • Tips and tricks to optimize the patient’s injection experience through minor discomfort and minimal bruising
  • Full face neuromodulator coverage including glabella, forehead, crow’s feet, bunny lines, eyelid aperture, mentalis, DAOs, upper and lower lip line, masseters, parotid, submandibular glands, platysma, Nefertiti and microBtx-A.
  • Syringe and cannula aseptic filler technique for forehead/temple contouring, infrabrow A-frame correction, eyebrow lift, lateral canthus reshaping, nasal enhancement (form and function), cheek augmentation, lip augmentation/enhancement, chin zone reflation, earlobe restructuring, pre- and post-jowl treatment, radial cheek line and nasoabial fold softening, pyriform structuring, dynamic discord improvement, jaw line contouring/lower facial redraping and novel combination treatment for barcode/necklines/crow’s feet.
  • Defined methods to minimize the risk of disastrous complication
  • Field-tested reliable protocols for treatment of filler and toxin complications
  • Injection techniques to enhance feminization or masculinization of the facial appearance

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